Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Friday......

Good Morning....
I love stepping outside to see these beautiful blooms at my front porch. Just one of those wonderful "nature" pictures that God paints for us each day. I am always thrilled with anything growing well in my house or frankly, I don't possess a green thumb. The joke in our house is that healthy plants scream as they enter our home because they know the "end is near" for them!!! LOL

Also, I am amazed at the lavendar and rosemary that has thrived in our yard. The scent of the lavendar is so wonderful!!! I have thought about stealing an idea from Brin. She has a wonderful idea on her blog about making flower cans with just simple cans filled with garden flowers to give to friends and neighbors. Simple idea, but what a special surprise to give to someone that needs to know that someone is thinking of them. It has me thinking about planting more flowers out front...not only to make the house look good, but to have to do these cans. (And believe me this is HUGE from the gal that hates working in the yard!!! LOL)

My mom always had a garden when we were growing up....and I hated working in it. There were no redeeming qualities about it for me then. But while I know myself well enough not to head out and plow up the entire back yard...I am going to work this year on at least having a patio garden on our deck for tomatoes and such that we can use.

And I think I want to try canning this year. Another huge thing for me. My mom's health is fairly good...but I have begun to think about there coming a time when I won't have her to help me learn to do these things and I want to spend that time with her now. Time is something that is so fleeting....and there have been some huge reminders of that in the past year and I want to be concious of that.

Speaking of Canning.....while at the shop this week, I pulled out the Sizzix that has been sitting in a drawer for "forever". I just haven't played with it at all. It was one of those things that my friends had and were doing all these great things with and I thought I would too. Not! But when I pulled it out, I found I had a die for making these cute canning jars. DUH!!! they would make great tags for many of the things I make...they would be adorable attached to those flower cans I was talking about....or even attached to can goods used for gifts!!! Ok, so I am alittle slow at this sometimes...but I LOVE these babies!!!! I will share some pictures later as I used them.

Have a wonderful Friday!!! I am heading off to "housekeep" a bit here and then off to the studio to organized a bit.

Visit my new Etsy shop when you get the chance.... Let me know what you think!! I was surprised to already have some sales on it...WHOO WHOO!!!

Hugs to you all!!!


  1. Those jar tags are so cute...I'm just about finished with my "outdoor chores"...had to come inside for an iced tea break. That azalea bush is really pretty...what a nice greeting when coming outside.

  2. What a cute find! It's funny that you'd forgotten all about doing that.

    Oh, I remember when Brin talked about the cans...I forgot it until now. I think I need a memory refresher notebook devoted just to Blogdom.

    Nothing better than receiving a can of herbs including rosemary!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving a comment. Hope that you'll return one day soon!


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