Friday, April 11, 2008

So What Have I Been Doing.....

So what have I been doing lately, you ask??? DOLLS!!! Lots of dolls...with more patterns ready to be traced...and ideas for original patterns too.
This is what keeps me busy and off the streets.....or that is what I tell myself!! LOL
This sweet doll is from Sweet Meadows Farm..I really love Maureen's patterns. Great designs and easy instructions.

And just who couldn't love these sweet faces!! Now I know, I love, love, love the grungy prim dolls.... But I am also developing a love for this type of "in between" doll too. They all have a place.....

Funny, but I have friends that these dolls scare!!! LOL Something about the "no face" thing that they can't quite get. I just like them for their simplicity.....there is just something sweet about them too.

So there, you have seen what I am working on this week. And new patterns from Sweet Meadows have arrive along with some from Ruby Moon and the sewing machine will be getting a workout for the next few days.

On another note....just because occasionally, I like to share whatever life lessons that I am either learning, going through and something that I am having to put in to practice.....
A few years ago, I heard Maya Angelou make the comment that ... when people show you who they are believe them!!! Took awhile for that to truly take hold...but once you get it, you begin to see things a bit differently.

Many times we have placed people in certain roles in our lives and may not be seeing the real picture of who they are...and what part they really have in our lives. Then there comes the moment when you witness....true grace, extravagent friendship...or the other end of the spectrum.... malice, hautiness, and sometimes just behavior that slaps you awake. The good, the bad and sometimes the really ugly.
There was a time when some of these were a big surprise.....but now, while I still can be taken off guard when something comes from left field...I look at it now as God giving me a glimpse into someone's true heart...and from there I know better how to deal with the situation. Be it take a few steps back.....or know when there is a friend for heart.
Just a glimpse of the workings of my brain at times....LOL
Hugs to you all!!! and Sweet Dreams...


I love hearing your input, comments, ideas and encouragment.....thank you!!!