Thursday, April 03, 2008


Ok..I realize this shopping bonanza may not excite some people..but these were the treasures I found when we went to Knoxville shopping this week. Where I live we have a crafting and fabric every once in awhile I have to sneak away and find fun stuff to work with.

The boxes are something new for me..I want to cover them with fabric. Some will have beehives on top from a new pattern I picked up online...some will be filled with spiced eggs for a fun kitchen display and others...well, who knows!!!!

I also found birthday fabric to make one of Sweet Meadows Farms new Birthday Girl Dolls...LOVE that one!!! When I ordered the pattern this week...Maureen wrote me back to tempt me with two other adorable patterns she just added....all three are headed here...I am a happy girl!!! LOL

Looking forward to a weekend of major doll making and other fun crafting!!!

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