Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sweet Fragrance.....

Perfume and incense
bring joy to the heart,
and the pleasantness
of one's friend
springs from his
earnest counsel.

Proverbs 27:9

There is just something about finding a scent that defines your mood or sets a stage for your home. I thought I might use Sundays to share some "home comfort" things as I strive to truly remember that Sunday is the Sabbath and a day of rest.
And if through the week I have put in place things that make my home a warm, inviting, and a no drama makes "resting" in it much easier!

Here a some tips that I have found over the years....
Find a scent for your home for the month or for a season. I look to find something that compliments my home in some way...then I purchase candles, tarts, potpourri..whatever works!! I use these throughout the connects it. It is much better to have one scent or a group of the same type of scents in your home. This makes for a calming flow when you go from room to room, and not a jarring to the senses that can occur when you go from one extreme to the other.

Next....when I can...I love to buy a box of tarts of whatever scent I am using. I place these in a decorative glass bowl or a crockery piece in my entryway. Then after friends come for a can send them home with a delightful reminder of your time together. The "fragrance" of you home.

You can find many inexpensive ways to scent your abound online for linen sprays, room sprays, soap-candle-potpourri making. I have played with many of these and have had some great results.

Since I am working to redo and reorder my Sunday I will do something about the Bedroom and share my bed linen powder recipe...SOOOO easy to make and a great gift idea.

Have a relaxing, worshipful Sunday!!!

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