Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Garden of My Dreams....

Ok...I have been wanting to garden--but frankly, with my knee issues, it wasn't going to happen. And I really am not that big on the outdoor stuff, so I knew that I wouldn't be able to care for something big.
Well this weekend, I found this at Sam's Club and I am in love with it!!! It even has the front gate, a hose attachment, lattice in the back for climbing plants.....I WANT this baby!!! LOL
But as a friend of mine told me last night "you can buy a bunch of fresh veggies for the price of that set up!!!" Which is true....but I am looking at the long haul and not for just one year...
So what do you think???


  1. This is great! Should be easy to access to.
    I don't have time to take care of all the flower gardens etc. in my yard, so we are filling one in with cement and making a little patio. SO GLAD!

  2. Oh, how awesome! I wonder if you could have somebody locally build something similar and save money that way?

  3. I seen that at Sam's club also. Wow I loved it but the price is a little high.....good luck

    Hugs pam

  4. I too saw it at Sam's Club... I thought it would be a good Dog Pen though.... you can tell I have no green thumb!

  5. I think that is gorgeous! Who knew you could get such neat stuff at Sam's Club. I can understand why you're tempted to buy it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the Square Foot Garden book giveaway.

  6. I really like it!!! It's very inventive. :D I think it looks like a real bed frame/headboard.
    Like a "FLOWERBED". (smile)

    What a beautiful backyard, you have by the looks of this picture.



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