Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Week Started......

Yes, we are a family addicted to coffee now..... I love the different flavors of coffee, flavored creamers and such..... Todays fave: Green Mountain Half Caf with White Chocolate Coconut creamer...just YUM!

My week is a bit off as I was called in to sub on Monday....and the weather here has been so dreadful with all the storms...it has left me just wanting to curl up on the couch and nap!

So look for the Scrapbook/Journal post on Thursday...that will give me some time to get some things together and ready to post. Looking forward to sharing!!!

For this post.....since I was at the library yesterday, I have a stash of new books AND already know that I will have to purchase some of them for my own library.....Here is what is on my nightstand reading list....

Hummingbird bakery cookbook.....OMG, you could gain 20 pounds just reading this. The recipes sound wonderful and I can't wait to try some..

Get Out Of That Pit by Beth Moore...what can I say, love me some Beth Moore and her great teaching style.

Seams to Me...Anna Marie Horner (I am really enjoying this!!)

The Slumber of Christianity by Ted Dekker

(Getting Soon!!!) Boneman's Daughter by Ted Dekker....read some of the previews of this book and on his blog about how he came up with the story...can't wait to get this one!!!

Country Living's Farm Chicks in the Kitchen.....great looking recipes, stories, decorating ideas and more...this one I need for my own stash!!

There are other fiction on the list...The Knitting Club, some Iris Johansen mysteries and such.....there just hasn't been alot of reading time lately and I really plan to spend some time reading. Also, picked up some on CD's so I can listen while crafting....

SOOOOOO.... tell me what is on your reading list???? I always get great ideas from my friends for new books, authors and such!!!

The UPS just delivered my Sephora Order....ohhh baby, I have to tell you I am a new Philosophy skincare convert and I just love this stuff!!! LOL I am off to play in the new products....
Have a great evening!!!
Something Special!!!!
If you are a fabric addict like I am.....run over to the
Farm Chick Blog and you will find a great giveaway for Pixie Dust Fabric!!! Love this line and can't wait to get some of it to play with...I am thinking fun pillows, pillow cases, etc....beautiful colors for Spring!! Now shoo, get over there!!!! LOL


  1. Anonymous5:22 AM

    You are a coffee lover, aren't you?

  2. Holy cow... look at all that coffee stuff!!!

    I just got "Get out of that Pit" too... anxious to read it!

  3. Hi Debbie thanks for stopping by..Wow all that coffee. I am just a regular coffee drinker. Don't like all those different flavors. LOL

    Have a beautiful day

    Hugs Pam

  4. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Wow... you are my hero *lol* Should I bring a basket of muffins so we can have some coffee talk?

  5. Anonymous7:23 PM

    PS My new blog is up :-) C'mon over and bring your favorite cuppa cuppa


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