Monday, April 06, 2009

Where is Spring and a Studio Update....

I these tulips! I found them over the weekend at Sam's Club and they look so good in my entryway. It is such a beautiful sign of Spring....sadly, my entryway looks like Spring...outside, not so much!

Well, I have been chatting a bit about moving the studio to the should (at least in my mind) been such a short project....but it is going to be a work in progress for awhile as I am still working on painting, the flooring...and trying to decide on lighting.
Here is the only "before" picture I am not embarrassed to post!! LOL The garage has just been one of those "dumping" areas in the house where anything that didn't have a "home" was stored.

This will be my new computer area. Right now we still haven't figured out why the wireless won't work out here on this computer when it will work on other things....

Part of my fabric storage (yep, there are many other plastic totes with fabric treasures)...
Storage and cutting table area....
Larger picture of sewing table/work area...

Another shot of cutting table area...

Still much work to do....but at least it is set up and ready to work in. So if you want to drop by, I still have boxes of fabric to fold and put away, patterns to organize and small treasures to sort....
Have a wonderful week, we will be back to our scrapbook/journal...I hope you are ready and able to share some of your thoughts and ideas!!


  1. Looks like it is going to be a great place to work. Hope you had a great weekend!

    Love and Prayers,


  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    It doesn't look at all like a garage. What a wonderful space for you to work in!

  3. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Just stumbled across your blog! Love love love the blog design! Adorable! I'm also drop jaw jealous of the size & scope of your craft space! I must have a sit down discussion with the hubby about my limited craft space - I will use yours as an example!


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