Thursday, November 03, 2011

November 3 Gratitudes.....

I am truly blessed to have wonderful friends in my life that listen to those "God nudges"....and call or text or email just the right words that I need at that time.  May we all "be" that kind of friend to those around us.

I am grateful for a God that loves me beyond what I can imagine....who doesn't give up and walk away.....who blesses us with creative gifts and actually wants us to use them......who hates being put in a box and doesn't want us put in one either.  He is so much more than what we can imagine....and He wants so much more for each of us than we can dream...  How awesome is that???  And if we are willing to let go of our limitations......we would be amazed at what we could become. 

So my prayer for you is a prayer of forget the limits that others have placed on forget all you think you can't forget the hurts that have held you back.....and forget the words that have crippled you.  And I pray that you are open to the dream that God plants in your become so much more than you can imagine.

Love you all!!!

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