Saturday, November 05, 2011


I didn't get the opportunity to post last night as we were hosting the Secret Church in our home.  The simulcast didn't finish until around any thoughts of posting were not going to happen! LOL  If you have never heard or seen on the the Secret Church can go to ITunes and check out some of the past teachings.  Really, really good stuff...and even though it is a long evening....there are plenty of breaks and David Platt does such an awesome job with the teaching that it keeps you engaged.

The next one will be offered on Good Friday......we did it last year at that time and surprisingly had a larger turn out at our house than expected.  So check it out and see if it is something you would like to do with your friends or family....we have found it to be a great time to gather, discuss, worship....and fellowship together.  But I think this next time I am going to suggest everyone bring a sleeping bag!!!  :)

So that is going to lead me to my gratitude for today.  Love when these types of teachings are simulcast or recorded somewhere that we can get access to.  There have been some great information about gatherings that are too far away or just too costly for our budget right now to attend....and I wish more would offer some sort of simulcast to participate.....I don't even mind paying, because it is still cheaper than the travel costs.  

So share with me.....what are your gratitudes???  What has God been speaking into your life?


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