Sunday, November 23, 2008

The big 100!!!

I haven't had a chance to post like I have wanted to this week....and I have been thinking about the big 100 post. It is a "biggie" that I have stuck with this....that I have made some great friends that comment and share through emails, phone calls or their own blogs. There is just something special about this women's bloggy world that has opened....that shares it's heart, laughter, information, creativity, great recipes, home ideas, family help and so much more.

Sadly, I am in the midst of "crafting nightmares" LOL....that pit I fall into each year as I try to make enough items for shows and such. I always have this great plan to work on Christmas items throughout the year....yeah, great in theory, not so much in application!!! Because of that...this is the current state of my workroom table...

With more 1/2 finished items waiting their turn for the final touches....
This is what is keeping me busy and crazed right now. But after the first of the month...things will actually calm down as THANKFULLY we are doing a simple Christmas here at home and I am thrilled.
Wishing you all a wonderful week.....a peaceful day......and if you feel the urge to "stitch" something, come on over--the tea pot is on!!!
Hugs to you all!!!
Coming soon....I want to start the "Heartfelt Challenge" again!!!


  1. Oh, my - all those naked babies, waiting to be born! :)


  2. Will you be upset if I tell you honestly that the picture of the nekkid dollies kind of freaks me out? lol
    Can't wait till the challenge, I don't know what it is but knowing you it will be grand and we will all adore it!
    Love ya
    Ewwww look, the verification word is Poluci, which reminds me of Pelosi, which freaks me out a whole lot more than nekkid dollies...

  3. LOL...I didn't know I needed to put up a "rating" for showing nekkid dolly pictures....LOL


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