Monday, November 24, 2008

Coming Together.....

Finally, all of those "pieces and parts" that you saw in yesterday's post are beginning to come together for some fun finished items.
Today I was able to complete 5 of those sweet garlands....with stars and mittens and a ton of glitter!!! I have never done much with glitter....but now I am hooked!!! LOL

As I was finishing these garlands, I started thinking about some quick, easy gifts that I could share with you here. So many of us are going back to the basics and purchasing handmade or making our own. is my first contribution for some fun easy gifts or just for yourself. These are really, really simple rag hangers. When I first started doing these, I really did them mainly for myself, but someone in our shop noticed me working on them and asked to purchase them....and then I began selling lots of them.. who knew!!!!
All you need are the plastic hangers you can find at the Dollar Store or WalMart...just check and make sure that they are fairly small under where the "neck" is....some of them have hooks on them that can easily be snapped off...but just check the sample, that is the type you are looking for. Then all you need is "CHEAP" homespun....unless you are doing them for something special, or are using scraps...the inexpensive homespun that you can get for $2 a yard at WalMart works great.
My favorite way to start it to just tear the fabric into strips... The strip size I use is probably about 5/8" to 3/4". That is one of those easy things you can do in front of the TV with your family. I tear the strips and then put them by color into zip lock bags....great storage, and easy for me to grab some when I have a chance to work on this.
All you so it start at the top of the hook....use your glue gun....glue down the end to start it and then just begin wrapping around the hanger......I wrap a few times and then use a little glue to hold it in place...then wrap some more. when you run out of your fabric strip...just finish by glueing the end down...and then glue the start of your next strip over that and continue wrapping.

Quick and easy...... I may try to come back later and put in a few pictures to demo better..I just didn't have any started this evening.
Have a great evening......

I know Thanksgiving is Thursday and you probably have lots to do to get ready for the meal....but slow down, take a deep breath, and realize what is important about the day.....the food is great....but the family, friendship and memories are far more important than having everything perfectly "Martha'd" into place.


  1. Just so it's clear, I'm thankful for your friendship :o)
    Love that last comment about everything being Martha'd into place!

  2. Thanks Tiff!!! I am "kinda" fond of you too!! LOL

  3. Oh please you two!

    Deb, my lonely hanger really would like a few more to keep it company. Really, I do own more than one item of clothing worthy to hang up. I know, not much more, but still the hanger is so lonely.....


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