Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Dreaded List

Ok, let's file this information in the "things you have to stop" file. Frankly, this is one of those things that if just one person did it, it would be sufficiently annoying enough to warrent a blog post...but sadly, it seems to be acceptable for some reason to continue to do this...and I just need to put out my thoughts in hope to STOP the insanity of this.

It is what I personally call, "The Dreaded Laundry List".....I know I have my own quirky way of looking at things...so in my mind when someone starts this, what I see is a woman reaching deep in her mammoth tote bag to pull out a hefty size paper towel roll that she unfurls in front of you and then proceeds to read from said long...and I mean long, lengthy, of biblical proportions list.

And what is this list, you might ask??? It is their list of importance. It is their reason why they are so darn busy. It is their excuse for why they can't take something on. For me, I will take a simple yes or no any day as to have to endure "The Dreaded List". I am a big fan of the Bible's stand on...let your yea be yea and your no be no. That seems to be a simpler way to handle things....but hey, what do I know.

And here is the sad fact of it all. For every list of importance and busyness out there....I have some things on my own list that will trump it every time....but it is not just me, my neighbor, the lady in the grocery line, your kids school teacher, the receptionist at the doctor's office...yep, all of them have trump cards on their list too. See, what some fail to see is that we all have our lists and each one is different.....but each one is just as important as the other. So for someone to unfurl their list at a drop of the hat tells the rest of us, that our lists simply don't matter. That may not be what they are trying to say.......but that is how it comes across.

Sadly, I think some of this comes with the "I have arrived" syndrome. If you watch any of women's televison...you have heard Oprah and others talk about how when you reach a certain age....your 40's, 50's whatever...that certain things will no longer bother you...that you will not be so worried about things that you thought were so important. While this is true.....sometimes we forget that others have their own journeys that may not mirror ours in where we are...and we don't grant them the patience and grace that is needed.

So ladies, dig out those "dreaded lists" and burn them. Realize that not everyone is at the same place....but let's lift each other up and cheer each other on. Let's get back to being the encouragers that we can be......

Hugs to you all!!!

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