Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby Shoe-aholic

The wonderfully creative and talented Dawn from The Little Speckled Egg, has some great tutorials on her site. I purchased the one for these adorable baby shoes...and now I am sooooo darn hooked. They are so sweet.....and Dawn's tutorial is wonderful. She has color pictures for each step of the way and great tips/instructions for making this a breeze to do.

I am making these for the show we are doing this weekend.....but what a great gift idea. Wouldn't it be fun to get someone's baby shoe and a baby picture to make these with...even some of mom's old costume jewelry or buttons to use. What a great way to give a personalize treasure. And what a fun idea for a wedding party, if you could get something personal from each of the girls to use. Or just a fun gift for your girlfriends.

What about a baby shoe night????? Have your girlfriends gather their treasures and come over for a fun night to make their own shoe and share memories with their pictures and treasures!!!

Yep, I am officially hooked!!! And if you aren't interested in doing these.....well then contact me and I will give you my address to send all the costume jewelry, baby shoes and buttons that you run across.....wouldn't want them to go to waste, would we???? LOL

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  1. They look darling and I love your ideas about presenting them with a photo of the baby wearing the very shoe. Maybe I've been watching too much Antiques Roadshow and am thinking about provenance. :D

    Hope that you have fun at the show!


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