Monday, August 11, 2008

A Photo A Day---A Finished Project A Day....

Recently, I saw a blog (I believe it was Rebecca Sower's) that had a picture a day posted. I thought this was such a neat idea. And would work well for me right now....I am working to get ready for some upcoming shows and new Fall things for our booth and I really need to be cranking out the "stuff"...LOL an effort to keep current on my blog, record my progress on fun items I am doing, I am going to do a project a day for the next week or so. Now all of these were not finished in one day...I always have several things in the works around here...but it will be what I get to the finished stage. And in a crunch I may have to post works in!!

These apples are from a pattern I have had for awhile from Tennessee Ridge Primitives.....easy to make, really fun to do...and they could be used as a great centerpiece for fall. Imagine them filling an old colander or great wicker basket. Maybe throw in a few fall leaves for more color....

This is what I have finished so far today....there is more on the work table, so I need to get back to it. for later this week, I want to post a contest connected with our radio program!!! So please check back!!
Have a great something fun and creative for your home!!!

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