Friday, August 08, 2008

Heigh Ho... Heigh Ho...It's Busy Work, I Know....

I am really trying to be better about consistant posting....and the upside is, I am doing much better than when I started. But I am working on getting lots of goodies ready for some upcoming shows and such. The basket above is full of finished things from yesterday......homespun wrapped hangers, clothespins and primitive stamped tags. So at least you know that I am being productive in my absence!!! LOL

BTW....our first show this season is on August 23 in Lafayette, Georgia. We will be in an historical home..The Marsh House...I am really looking forward to this fun day. You can find out more about the Queen City Market by clicking on the name. I hope some of you will join us that day....

Now on to a new project....because you know, there are never enough projects!!!! LOL

I know it is a scary idea...LOL....but I am looking into doing an online radio show with a couple of friends of mine. It will be a continuation of things we have done online over the years and with the newspaper I had, Creative Grace. We want to talk about "girlfriend stuff", family, friends, home, recipes, great books and music, and so much more. We are working on getting a start date that I will post soon as well as the name of the show..... But, I would love to hear from you some of the things that you would love for us to talk about or give us names of people that would make great guests. The show will be a "call in" show, so I would love for all of you to be able to participate. The program will be you can listen to it live or catch up on the programs later.

Some of the topics we have been talking about is: Gift Closet, Once A Month Cooking, Book Club, Home Business...... Creative Endeavors,

I would love your feedback on this!!!!

BTW....we need music...for intros, fill ins and to end the show....they can be different each time. So if you know someone that would like to have their UPBEAT music heard, let me know....we don't $$$ but we are happy to promote their music and site through the show.


  1. OH my gosh, I would totally tune in to your radio show!!! What a fantastic idea, hope it comes to fruition :o)
    Love all of the handmade goodies, sure wish I could make it to the show, I bet it will be fun!
    Love, Tiff

  2. Thanks Tiff!!! We are waiting for the girls to get their kids back in school and back from all those end of the summer vacations so we can get started!!! I am excited!!!
    Watch for tomorrow's post....I am going to post a contest about the vacation!!!

  3. i forgot to put this in the email. my upbeat songs:
    South of Heaven
    A Little Sunshine
    Coming Back Around


I love hearing your input, comments, ideas and encouragment.....thank you!!!