Saturday, August 02, 2008

Finders Keepers......

One man's trash is another man's


I am officially on "the hunt".....crafting mania has set in, I have some great new patterns, including one from this fun site. It's the one with the adorable baby shoe pin cushion....(thanks for sharing that with me Miss Ellen!!)

My hubby was having a good day and just wanted to get out of the I hit the local Good will that was having a 1/2 off sale...yeah!! There I found the sweet baby shoes that I was looking for .....and a grater that will either become part of a kitchen wreath or a lighted centerpiece. Then off to another resale shop where I found the cute small, sturdy suitcase...LOVE IT!!! I haven't decided whether to cover with fabric or vintage pictures....what a great place to keep all your letter writing stuff or even your journals!!! Then on to the great white metal bucket I found---it is going to be filled with a Santa and lots of toys. The collander, I am thinking a light and some ragballs could make it a fun center piece... Then I found paper mache boxes on sale...and some wonderful rusted stars. So many goodies....soooooo little money!!!! My kind of shopping day!!!

I can't wait to begin working on these projects this week....I will share pictures of the finished items!! But to be honest....those sweet baby shoes are calling me. All I need to do is go raid someone's costume jewelry stash and I am ready!!!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!!!!



  1. Nice haul! I love the baby shoe pincushions Dawn does. She's so very creative. Can't wait to see yours!

  2. I can hardly wait to see how your shoes turn out.

  3. the words "crafting" and "mania" just don't seem to go together in my mind...
    but then i remember my bff, and how crazy she gets when she's in scrapbooking mode, and i realize that mania is the most suitable word out there.


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