Monday, December 15, 2008

Angel Babies...and more

These are what I have been working on for an ornie swap that I am in. I just love this pattern from Sweet Meadows Farm!!! (these are so much cuter in person!!!)
So what last minute projects are you working on????
Tiff has been gettting me in alot of trouble lately.....she just HAD to share this picture from:
Stop Staring and Start Sewing Blog.

Cute, isn't it??? And the instructions are so darn easy...I thought this would make a perfect little "extra" gift for my mom. Here is the fabric I picked out....

I also have a set of "Mood Swings" dolls to make too.....can someone order up just a few more hours in our days till Christmas?????

So what are you working on?????


  1. Hi

    Stop by my blog when you get a chance to pick up an award i'm giving you.

    Hugs pam

  2. I would like an apron please. Maybe a nice stripped one or polka dots?

    Congrats on your award, I assume it is for a good thing? ;)

  3. I forgot to mention I am still trying to finish up my FIL's Irish Hiking Scarf.

  4. Um, since you keep blaming everything on me, and I've been such a good sport about it all, I think I deserve one of those aprons! Oh, and a mood swing doll would be awesome! LOL

  5. Tiff, you and Jen just need to come over for a crafting/sewing weekend!!!

  6. I love the patterns you picked for your apron! So cute!!! I am desperately trying to find time to make just a couple of Christmas gifts before I am completely out of time!

  7. I love the apron...and the Angel pattern is put me in the mood to sew...Think I can wrap gift,do some baking,visit with blog buddies,and push the sewing machine pedal all at I am going to try! Oh...and getting ready to get my recipes out for Friday!


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