Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I SOOOOO Heart This....

Yes, I stole this picture from The Nester's can click on it and it will take you directly to her post about this.
I have this "thing" for doors...especially old doors....doors with character.....doors with history....doors with funky accents....I just love doors.

I think I first fell in love with the door decorating idea when I went to a craft show where one of the vendors had used old doors to do their entire display. Hinged doors to make their divider...used an old screen door to display wreaths...I am just was so captivated by all the possiblities.

(From Stephanie's Between The Vines open house)
Anyway...I have been wanting to do something as a headboard..or just focal point behind our bed...and this door thing is speaking to me!! So right after Christmas (much to the horror of my family)..the paint brushes are coming out and I want to do some fun things around the house. I will update you as the process begins. I am really excited about this. And I would love see or hear about your door ideas or finished work!!!

Now if you would like to be totally depressed about your holiday decorating...or maybe it is just me.... go to Warm Pie, Happy Home . She has some wonderful holiday pictures that will make you drool and gave me some great ideas for next year.

Don't forget about our cookie exchange on Friday...I will have the hot peppermint cocoa ready for you!!!
Hugs to you all...have a great evening!!!


  1. Ohmigosh... I was feeling pretty good about my holiday house. I was even going to post a couple pix tomorrow but er, um.. now? Let me go just slit my wrists with holly after seeing Warm Pie, Happy Home.

    What a Christmas Diva she is! I couldn't even begin to imagine what it is to live in that beautiful house. It is far more beautiful than any house I've ever seen anywhere.


    Thanks for sharing that we me, Deb.

  2. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Love your post. We have a muralist painting for us right now and she was describing using an old door in her dining room to display a large scale ship her dad hand made her. I hope to talk her into sharing pics with us. Thanks for the link to the pretty Christmas decorations. Hope you have a great evening.

  3. Ky...
    POST your pictures!!! You always do such fun stuff. It is just this year with doing the holiday shows and working...I am not getting much done in the way of decorating. But I am really ok with that as we have been having fun with our pitiful Charlie Brown tree!! LOL... Maybe that is what I need to do, run a day of posting pitiful decorations..LOL

  4. Mildred...I would love to see pictures of your mural when it is done. where (what room) are you having it painted??

  5. I love that picture also, especially the colors.

  6. Oh I soooo love old doors and windows. That's a great idea .... behind the sofa like that.

    I had a door as a headboard on my queen sized bed.

    I have since replaced the bed and the door is now in my carport.... awaiting it's "next life" when I decide what to do with it.


  7. I LOVE doors too!! This looks wonderful!! :> )

  8. love those doors.I saved the photos so I could use the ideas down the best friend will love these as well...I went to the happy pie home and OMYGOSH is all I can say..I am still drooling and will need to pack a towel with me the rest of the day...oh is is gorgeous...I am so jealous...she is in my favorites now..have a great day...:)

  9. Love the door!! What an awesome idea.


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