Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Final Show Pictures.....

Crafters are a funny group....for the most part they are sweet people that work hard.... But they can be hesitant about having pictures of their items taken, and frankly I don't blame them. They work hard to create something new...or spend money to purchase patterns for designs and ideas....and then someone comes along to copy what they have done.
For many of us, this is our "job", so when someone does that and especially when they try to undercut our price because they don't have the design time or the expense of purchasing the patterns and is like stealing part of our paychecks...and in this economy that really doesn't go over well.

One of the reasons that I mention that is to explain why I don't have close up pictures of items in other people's booths. And some would just rather you didn't take pictures at all....

The booth below was across the hall from me. These two guys have apparently done this show for 12 years and rent an entire room. When the show opened...there was a line outside their door. The picture isn't very good, as they sold down so quickly, I didn't get over for a shot in time. They had all sorts of great stuffed animals...from Winnie the Pooh to Lambchop....they put them on bikes, or in rocking chairs and other fun things .. then decorated them for the holidays. The women went crazy over these!!! That room was packed to the walls the night before..I mean stuff full of great items..and when they left, I would be surprised if they had enough to fill one box. They did an awesome job!!

Next is Angie Carter from Chattanooga. I met her many craft shows ago. She makes tons of fun Christmas ornaments and gifts....and it was always busy at her table!!!

This was a couple from Soddy Daisy, TN...she had really cute snowman buckets that were painted.

The next two pictures are of my friend Cindy's booth...she does great clay figures!!! I just love these guys. You might remember in the past my posting pictures of her Halloween children figures...they are adorable. She had ornies for baby's first Christmas, and many others...she is such a talent!!! (She just didn't like it that I caught her with her gallon drum of tea!!!! LOL)

This is Mary from Sugar Ridge Creations.
I have seen Mary at other shows and her items online...but this is the first time I have really been able to chat with Mary...what a sweetheart!!! I LOVE her clothing and it was amazing to see all the women that came by our booth wearing her clothing and sharing with us when they bought it and where. So sweet.
I picked up some great pieces from her that I love.....I will have to post pictures of those later!! But check out her website....

It didn't take us long to pack up and load the vehicle to head on our way home.
We have never been to a Trader we found one in the Atlanta area and stopped in...oh good grief, it is a good thing I don't live closer to one!!! We picked up a package of their pumpkin whoopie pies and the guy apologized because the only ones available had a Dec. 11 expiration date...I informed him that they probably wouldn't last the entire trip home to Chattanooga!!! LOL It was a fun store, and we picked up several things that aren't available to us locally.
Next stop was.....
We had never been to one of these resturants before...but Cindy has raved about it every time she is down this way. It is one of our new favorite places!! It was a Saturday night...the place was packed and it still was only 5-10 minutes till we were seated. The food was awesome!!! We will be headed back that way soon!!!! LOL
All in was a wonderful weekend....and a much needed break. A good friend stayed with my hubby and they had a great visit too...which made it much easier for me to go away. Just an added note when looking for a Christmas gift to give....if you know of someone that is a caretaker for a parent, spouse, disabled child.....the gift of time is priceless. If you can do something to give them a few hours to just shop, sleep, read, get their nails is one of those simple things that can do so much to revive their spirits.
Hope you all are having a fun week!!!!
Hugs to you,

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful show and fun time on the way home...Never hear of trader joes...


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