Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What A Great Idea!!!

Yes, I KNOW I am suppose to be slaving away on craft stuff to get ready for the weekend...but I had to take a break...browse through a few blogs. Well, I found a blog that was posting a "favorite food swap"...what a great idea. And trust me, I may steal it to do here after the holidays!!!

I was just complaining to a friend about not having a Trader Joe's or some of the other great stores I hear about in my area. I plan to find a TJ's when I hit Atlanta this what a fun idea to be able to trade items with someone...things that are special to your area. Click on the picture and go check it out....should be lots of fun!!!!

Now back to the glue gun!!


  1. Interesting idea! The only thing local that I adore is A1A Salsa. Salsa of the Gods for sure!

    But then there is Peterbrookes (chocolatier) too... hmmmm.


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