Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Smoke Rise Show...Continues.....

Thought I would jump in and give you some more pictures from our weekend....
We arrived at the hotel (which as I said before, the people were great)...dropped our stuff off and did a little shopping at the T.J.Maxx across the street. Can I just share that I truly feel the love for old T.J....just love this store, and the great thing is I have taught my son well, because he has quickly figured out that if he has to do clothes shopping....money goes alot further there than trying to shop at the "big buck" stores.
Anyway....we found the school, the set up was really well organized and we found the room that we were assigned...this is how it looked to start with...

Ok...I admit this didn't look promising to begin with!!! LOL We shared this room with two other vendors..so we divided the space up and began putting our booth together...

I didn't think the booth turned out to bad considering this is the first time that Hope and I have done a road trip and pulled it together at the last minute to do this set up!!!
I TRIED to get a decent picture of my son to share as he was a great help this weekend...instead I got the "mom please don't take a picture or I will make a really stupid face" photo. Yep, that's the one!!! LOL

Once we left...we decided to have dinner at their local Outback...which is one of our favorite resturants. Sadly, we did carryout and it turned into a disaster....nothing like what we ordered and the gal that I called to see if we could get it corrected...gave me the "So?" response...I was not happy!!! I will say, I called the manager the next day...I wasn't mad, but if I had an employee treat a customer that way, I would want to know. That is how I approached it and he could not have been any nicer....we had a great conversation and I would definately go back there when we return next year. I truly think it pays to let them know if something is wrong...but handle it in the right way....it makes all the difference in the world.
The next morning...the crowd started in...
It was a great day...and I will share photos of some of my friends and their booths tomorrow!!!


  1. What a fabulous display. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Don't you have a Florida Christmas Show to attend???

  2. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Your booth looks delightful. Can't wait to hear & see more!

  3. Your booth looks fabulous as always. Personally, I would use that photo of Zach as your Christmas card. What I have been waiting for is a picture of you in your new top!

  4. your booth looks great and I see some things I would have liked taking home..hope you did well..take care and can't wait to see the rest and hear how you did...:)

  5. Hi. I'm on the Smoke Rise Elementary Foundation's Board. We are putting together the Holiday in Smoke Rise festival this year. I was wondering if we could use some of these booth pictures on our website. Please email me if ok at - holidayinsmokerise@gmail.com
    Thanks, Darcy Devine
    The website is www. holidayinsmokerise.com


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