Monday, September 29, 2008

Finishing Up For The Show.....

I have been working really hard this weekend to finish up items....there are still things on my list that have to be done, but at least it looks like the end is in sight!! There were two new halloween patterns I purchased that I really, really wanted to try....but they had lots of little extras that had to be done to them and time just will not permit it....maybe next year!!

Witches boots and fun treat bags....the treat bags are an idea I had late one night...super easy and really cute in person. I think I might do a tutorial on them after the show.

Love this cat is to be filled with treats...there are a couple of things I still need to add to it.

Pears...OMG...I love these guys!!! I have made them before, but I did them a bit differently this time. I rubbed them down with cinnamon and added the tags...and it really makes a difference. These are stuffed really tight, so they have a bit of weight to them....Fun stuff.

Ok, back downstairs to catch some new Fall shows....and stitch some more black cats. Late last night I knew it was time to quit when I realized that I painted a candy corn piece all black instead of the usual well....


Sunday Visit...

This weekend, my friend Stephanie -from Between the Vines- had her first Fall Open House. She lives in this beautiful log home and it was so perfect the way she had everything set up on her wraparound porch.
I just wanted to share a few pictures with you of the wonderful items she had. I am working on a blog for her that should be up and running soon....and also some of the great items she makes for sale.
Stephanie was one of our vendors at Folkheart and made gorgeous primitive furniture and home dec items.....
Her new blog will be at :

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Shows Wordle

I had wondered about where all these cool things came from....well, I just found from reading Brin's blog that is is from Wordle

Have fun with this.......Brin put in a scripture and got a really beautiful layout..... Just something fun to play with!!!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Yes, I Have Been Stitchin......

Just a few days left to work on items for this show....these are just a few of the items that are finished...witches hats, witch sitters, pumpkins, dolls, tags, putkas, fabric boxes and more.... There are still items for me to stuff this evening....dolls to finish, pears to paint...and the list goes on. Plus I have several Fall holiday items that are at the Chattanooga store that I will pick up for the show....
These are just a few pics to let you in on what I have been doing....

Prairie Dolls and Putkas Pods...

Boxes and Baskets of Tags...

Well, I am off to get ready to watch the debates this evening....and stuff a few dolls.....
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Friday Note.....

Just a quick note....I have been sewing away for the show for next weekend and later today I plan to post a picture of some of the finished items...but this post is to share with you about a group I am a part of.

Over the years, much of what I have done in the way of classes, speaking, online groups has all had a central theme of "friendship". I think friendship of great women is so important to each of us. Our hubbys and SO's are great....but frankly, men don't make great "girlfriends". They are the ones that understand what you are going through with your kids.....your home......dealing with aging parents....sickness......self esteem and on and on and on. Having amazing women friends is a great gift that we give ourselves.

In looking for friendship......will you get hurt at times.....probably. Frankly, we are all human and are prone to doing stupid stuff at times. But you learn from learn how to pick your friends and you learn how to be a better friend to someone else.

I am enormously blessed with good friends...... and that is my wish for all women.

As part of this, I know that not all of us are where we can get out to make those friendships at there are some great online groups. I am part of a group that I would love to share with you....and if you are interested I would really like for you to check them out.

Go to and check out the group: Celebrate_Every_Day If for some reason you can't get there, email me and I will send you an invitation..
Is this group the magic answer for everyone....nope. No group can be everything to everyone...that is just a fact of life. But if you are looking for a great group of women....that laugh together, support each other and would be a good one to look in to.

Praying that each of you finds an amazing friendship to bless your life!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yes Virginia, Sugar is the answer....

Soooo...I am up all night getting the new shop blogs added with their html codes for paypal buttons.....which, by the way, 1/2 of them didn't work this morning....arrrgggg. In the midst of trying to fix that, my email program notified me that it desperately needed updating, so I clicked the button only to find that it DELETED my email program with all my email addy's, important emails I was saving and more.....
Yep, one of those fun mornings....My solution...hit the road and find a SUGAR FIX (see above doughnuts!!).....yep, after venting to a couple of friends on the cell phone......I arrived home to find that the email had come back (magically)....and things are looking better.
Possibly, sugar fixes should be available through your pharmasist.....but then imagine the costs of the health care plan to cover that!!!!......LOL
Just one of those

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My New Baby.....

Happy Wednesday!!
I have had several of you email or comment about some of the items that I make. For some time I have wanted to set up a little shop for them other than my Etsy one (which for some reason I have a horrible time remembering to update!!!).... So if you have the time, please click on the little girl and she will take you to my new shop blog "Pieces From A Creative Heart"... Let me know what you think!!!

The plan is to update frequently with the items that I am making.

Thanks so much!!

Oh, I stole this from The Feathered Nest.....I just loved it and wanted to share it with all of you creative women out there!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Give It Back....and No Body Will Get Hurt.....

As some of you know, I have been getting into the whole couponing thing....just trying to stretch the family food budget. Things are getting so high, and it seemed like something simple I could do to help out. I joined "The Grocery Game"....which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! One of my problems with couponing is the time to match all the coupons with the sales.......the Grocery Game does that for you, which is a major help!!

Now if you coupon, you know that you don't save the big bucks the first week you takes a few weeks of collecting to get a stash built up so that you see substantial savings....well that was where I was, I had finally reached a point where my lovely, white index card box was FILLED with amazing coupons.....and now it is missing. I have looked seriously....give the darn thing back!! I won't post your picture or beat you...just give it back!!

I really don't know what the heck happened to it....I have searched the car, the house...even called the last grocery I was in to see if it got left behind in a cart.. No Luck. So if you see a lonely coupon box lurking out there searching for it's home....please send it my way. Now I just have to go back to the drawing board and start all over again......geez

On another note....this was one of those weekends where I was just on the couch. Nothing serious, just the sinus crud. It is rare that my hubby will say, ENOUGH and grouch about me stopping everything to rest but this is one of those weekends. And just a side note, if you have an upset stomach and you request crackers....please do not let them bring you garlic/onion flavored ones, SOOOO not a good thing.....LOL

Growing up in my were never allowed to do nothing. My mother instilled that in us....she wasn't even crazy about reading, as to her it seemed like you were wasting time. So during my "down time" this weekend...I was searching for something to do on the couch. Nothing I had to read was calling me.....and I remembered the Punch Needle video I posted. I gathered all my stuff and decided that would be something to play with....I really love this stuff!! And here is the project I finished during my "couch time"!

This is a fun jar that I can take to shows and fill will wrapped candies.....the work is not perfect, but it was fun and I can wait to play with some other designs. This pattern is one I had picked up last summer when I visited friends in is from Primitive Gatherings. Easy, easy, easy!!!

So what is on hand for this week.....more doll making to get ready for the October shows, I want to get back into journaling as I have let that slide for too long, and to get caught up with some online stuff I need to do.

ALSO....I rubberstamped some simple tags for the last show. I was amazed that they all sold, so I have been tea/coffee dying a bunch of tags (500 to be exact!) And here is my rubberstamp display in my office....

What I find humerous about this whole rubberstamping thing is....I have friends that do amazing work with chalks, embossing, watercolors and I never thought these simply, plain stamp tags would sell. I just did them because my partner doesn't stamp at all and wanted some simple tags for her dolls...and I thought maybe others would want some....what a surprise that they did so well. Of course, you know how this goes, I will go with a well stocked basket to the next show and not sell one set!!!! LOL

Have a wonderful week!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Needle Punch

Needlepunch is something that I have wanted to play with....I have all my supplies, just not the time to do it. I found this great tutorial on You Tube and thought I would share it....

Anyone have any great needlepunch projects they would like to share?????


Monday, September 08, 2008

Another Monday.....

Well, I actually started this post in my head this excuse the references that make it sound like I rose at 4am to start my day......LOL

I am trying to get some order to my is tough here at times, but if I don't at least pretend that there is a plan in the works....things just get progressively worse!!! And several years ago, I remember Teresa from Plumwater Cottage sharing how she viewed September as the start of her year more than January. I know that is true for me...I adore the Fall!!! And the kids are back in school...I am gearing up for shows.....getting back into home things...and it is a great time for me to get organized.

So what is on the "to do" list for this week???

1. I need to make major headway on items for our upcoming Fall Craft lots of stuffing, sewing and painting in the works.

2. I have not forgotten our "Name the Broadcast" contest and we will decide on that this week also...and share our winners name.

3. I am going to try to make a menu plan. I do much better when have something planned...but I am terrible at doing it. I will try to post it later to prove I actually did it!!! LOL

4. I love Leslie Sansone's walking dvd's...and my friend Jen joined her online walk club and raves about it. So I have signed up and I am starting the workouts today.....stay tuned for updates of muscle pain and a run to the local grocery for BenGay......LOL

5. AND the big one, I am back on "the card file"....this is what was out before Flylady came about. While I love her ideas, and push.....I am not a fan of the lists...could be that it is because I started with the card file and it worked really well for me and that is my "comfort zone"....

And the picture at the top??? This is a new pattern and item I am in love with....I apparently have this whole "pincushion" fetish going on as this is another pattern I found for wool pincushions and it was so much fun to make!!!

Hugs to you all!!! Have an amazing week......and I would love for you to share your to do list!!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

From The Outside In....

I am not sure how to start this message....but here goes. I grew up in a Christian family with lots of rules and chapter and verse for most of them, just the knowledge they were the final authority on how people should act, where they could go, who they could be seen with and how they should dress. At some point in growing up, I figured out that most of it was more than a little out there...and considered the source and moved on. Maybe because of that, there are things I don't pay that much attention to...that maybe I should. But I think all of us, somewhere inside has that book of rules and regulations...some are positive and some are not. What made me think of this was hearing someone talk about a friend and how "they hadn't called" and "were they mad at them" and "why couldn't they go with them" to some apparently important event. I started thinking about what this gal was saying and how some of it could apply to me....calls that hadn't been returned, emails that I am desperately behind on. The problem is, many times we just look at the other person through our own life vision.....and not with the reality of what they may be going through.

I don't often talk about the health issues that we deal with here at home. Basically, because other than to vent on occasion to a friend, I don't think anyone cares to hear about it....and it is just our "life" so I don't get dwelling on it. But I shared with some online friends something that had happened here at home....and I was overwhelmed with their response and thoughtful replies..... so I thought I would post it here. It is nothing that dramatic....but I think sometimes we need that reminder that the neighbor that barely speaks when she comes in from work may be just so burdened that she just wants to get home to escape.....that friend that hasn't called may not want to bother anyone else with the problems she is going through. We like to think we know our friends, neighbors, families well....but truly, unless you are inside the four walls they live in....we truly don't know. And because of that....looking at them with "grace" is so important.

My husband is a disabled Vietnam vet.....he has had health problems for some time and they had steadily gotten worse. There are days you wouldn't know anything was wrong....and there are days when his meds for one reason or another just aren't working right. So we might have several days of no sleep.....or awaken to find that he wanted to straighten up somewhere in the house and there are pantries, closets, drawers emptied around that house that have to be dealt with. As aggravating as this can be some days.....I do know, that things could be much worse.

So, this last week, I found him rummaging around in the garage. I went out to see if I could help and asked what he was looking for. He told me he needed to find the floral foam. Ok, I asked what for.....I got that look of "are you just stupid" and was told "For the flowers, of course." Allllrighty, I tried to figure out if he had some real flowers, fake flowers or what the heck he needed it for. Well, he told me that he was trying to get them to stand up. I tried helping with a vase or with something else and nothing was what he needed. So I decided to back off and let him work on this. Later he came to me with a teacup full of roses he had picked for was soooo darn sweet. As I started to take a big whiff..I asked if he had put an aspirin in it to keep them fresh....he said no, he had found something else to perk them up. Yes, he did....about that time I got a big whiff of TACO SEASONING!!!! Let me just say, I wouldn't recommend this for you to use at home. LOL

There are many of these moments, as well as the ones that make you want to go to bed pull up the sheets and hide for awhile....but that really isn't an option.
I am writing this because I know there are many of you caring for a spouse, a child, a parent or other loved one....and I want you to know that "I get it". Know there is someone else out here that sends you huge hugs.....days with "taco" roses.....and smiles to carry you through the tough stuff.

But even more than that.....I know a Savior that loves us just where we are...when times are scary, dark, and lonely.....and when there is joy that overflows. He is always there for the good stuff as well as the bad and he will hold you through it all.

Just a are not alone.
Sending you hugs....and a taco rose!

John 14:27... My peace I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Still Here......

Hi All....
I am still here, just really swamped and will try to do a catch up message this weekend. The show went really well, but it seems that Walmart has lost my pictures!!!!

So hang in there, an update is coming......and maybe a fun recipe!!!

And for anyone interested, I loved, loved, loved Sarah Palin's speech this evening......

Hugs and Sweet Dreams....